Priva Building Automation

Building management systems 

For a comfortable indoor climate, it is important that you can put your trust blindly in your building management system. You can do so with Priva Blue ID. Never before were convenience, speed and reliability so visible as in this generation of Priva management systems: The Priva Blue ID. Thanks to the great flexibility of Priva Blue ID, the system is suitable for application in the most diverse types of buildings. Priva Blue ID supports all phases of the lifecycle of a building; design, implementation and use. Using the different user-friendly interfaces, you as building manager always have the optimal tools available with which to control, regulate and optimize the technical installations of your building. The Priva Blue ID S-line is designed for projects that require the maximum flexibility, extension options and uptime. The C-line is a more compact and versatile version and extremely suitable for smaller projects and smaller control panels within medium size projects.

Priva Blue ID C-line

The Priva Blue ID C-line consists of a series of compact, state-of-the-art but affordable HVAC-controllers that are eminently suitable for smaller projects and smaller panels within big projects. The Priva Blue ID C-line is ideal for primary schools, smaller office blocks and projects with many various locations such as shops and district heating, that wish to improve the climate control and save energy at the same time.

Performance of installations

Experience shows that installations decrease in quality in their operational phase. Even when the installation was set for optimal use at the start, the performances decline over time. If this is not monitored well, it will only be noticed when the installation no longer performs optimally. We help you to get your installation to perform as it should by making it as easy as possible to measure your performances. Our tool makes it possible to measure and manage the discussion between you, as building manager, and your maintenance provider.  This measure allows you to see precisely how your installation is performing; what needs to be changed, and the effect of these changes. This substantially eases the cooperation with your maintenance provider.

Priva Blue ID S-line

For a comfortable indoor climate it is important that you can trust your building management system blindly. The Priva Blue ID hardware plays an important role in this. The robustness of the components, the quality materials and the meticulous production in the Netherlands guarantee maximum reliability and continuity.